It’s poverty, plain and tested. Struggling children will always come up short when compared to their non-struggling counterparts.

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The developmental process of theory of mind (TOM) is a delicate one; numerous factors can hinder the eventual understanding that one has feelings, desires, and beliefs that differ from other people's desires and feelings (Lillard, 2007). Furthermore, the developmental process is one that can be easily disrupted. There are many circumstances under which theory of mind and its cohorts can experience delays, from limited cognitive abilities from birth, such as autism or other cognitive disorders (Happé, & Frith, 2006).

However, there are also environmental factors that can hurt the theory of mind development. While deviances in nature, such as an…

If the first person your relationship brings to mind when you describe it is “Harley Quinn”, it’s a red flag.

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Martin Shkreli is a name I’ve haven’t heard for a while, so I was apprehensive when I turned on my phone and saw him trending. But when I found out why he was trending? Color me shook.

So, long story short: Elle Magazine recently published a story that Christie Smythe, the former Bloomberg reporter who had broke the story of infamous “Pharma Bro” Martin Shrekli’s arrest, has now divorced her husband and left her job to pursue the latter, apparently romantically.

But, according to her own interview, things aren’t going as planned.

And after reading said interview, I have to…

Without, you know, actually saying that you have your period…

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It’s a sentence that’s applicable, monthly, to half the world’s population, and yet to announce it is considered so taboo, that every country has independently developed layered codes to relay the unspeakable.

What is it? In English, it’s “I’m on my period.”

Of course, The Language Nerds decided to have fun with how we’ve been universally programmed to sugarcoat a process as natural as menstruation. They asked their 477k+ Instagram followers to post the different variations cultures have come up with for hiding, while alluding to, the same exact thing.

“Quaratineek” is one of them. Feel free to add your own to the list.

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Every year, new words and phrases are added to the Oxford Dictionary, from “selfie” to “amirite”. So, as 2020 draws to a close, I’ve come up with my own nominations. See my three top picks below.


This word should definitely be easy to identify and, after 2020, it’s earned its position at the top of the list.


For a little rundown on the semantic breakdown behind this word, eagle eyed readers might have noticed that “Quarantineek” is nearly a compound word.

First and foremost, know your recourses

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A few days prior, I posted what I thought would be a fun little article on the Purito SPF scandal.

But with 24 hours, I’d gotten thousand hits and my article was third on Google when you typed “Purito Scandal.” Humblebrag? Of course.

You can see this spike in my popularity on the below graph:

We know Purito messed up. But did they scam consumers? Is it possible this controversy hits deeper than UVA rays?

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“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved,” George MacDonald famously stated. But in the skincare community, becoming a brand name or generating sales is more important than keeping the trust of consumers. And since 2020 has brought out the worst of everything, from murder hornets to American politics, I’m keeping an open mind.

Now, unless you’re not a part of the skincare community and or you get your news via carrier pigeon you’ve probably heard of the Purito scandal that I’ll recap in a bit.

If you thought 2020 was aging you, you could be right.

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Edit: A little disappointed to see Purito knew about the filters in 2019:

Fans of Purito, take a shot, knock back a Xanax, grab your security blanket, and prepare yourselves for the worst.

And I’m the first to admit it: I was one of those fans.

Purito is one of the multiple brands that I keep on permanent rotation on my makeup/skincare stand. There are many reasons to do so-it’s incredibly lightweight, and has never aggregated my combination skin, which normally breaks out with fury whenever I dare to step out of line.

Plus, as someone with skin so…

You only have so many breathes until —

Essex, England: Prelude

So was the heat, the temperature-over ninety degrees and humid-that the air vibrated so that, at first glance, the metallic glimmer seemed only some trick of the weather. But Charlie, who had pulled off of the main highway to the abandoned stretch of dusty road to relieve himself, continued to blink against the blinding light. There was something there, certainly, far beyond the leaves and the light. But first, the more pressing matter was his bladder, which was near to bursting. …

Creativity is important to foster. But it should never come at the sake of mental well-being (and the myth that it “has” to is a lie.)

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There has always been a prevailing image of the mad artist in the mind of popular media. And that image is there for good reason: history is full of artists, inventors, painters and other highly creative types who have also suffered from severe mental illnesses throughout their lives. However, as people who are successfully creative enough to become renowned in their fields are few and far between, it is no wonder why creativity is regarded so highly in modern society.

And such people are not, necessarily, indicative of the effects of more general creativity on the larger population. That is…

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Nowadays Elvis Presley is remembered as a legend but it is often forgotten how that legend began. When Elvis Presley rose to fame in 1954 he did so with help from those history has ignored, who ended up dimmed by his own brilliance: the Black artists whose songs brought him worldwide renown.

One of those artists was the Blues singer Arthur Crudup whose song That’s All Right (Mama) (1946) would become Presley’s lucky break. To many, Presley’s success is indicative of Presley’s appropriation of Black culture and how he used it for his own gain. …

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