3 New Words We Need in the English Language After 2020

“Quaratineek” is one of them. Feel free to add your own to the list.

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This word should definitely be easy to identify and, after 2020, it’s earned its position at the top of the list.


For a little rundown on the semantic breakdown behind this word, eagle eyed readers might have noticed that “Quarantineek” is nearly a compound word. Now, for reference, a compound word is simply two words combined together to fuse into a new one, often with a completely separate meaning, like “dragonfly” or “sunflower.”

“Quaratineek” Definition

Pronunciation: Pronounced as “kwak-ruhn-teek” or “prolonged hell”, Quaratineek is a noun, with first known usage beginning in April of 2020.


This word is a little less self explanatory than the one above but worry not: we’ll get there.

“J-Swan” Definition

Pronunciation: Pronounced as “Jay-swaan”, J-swan is a verb with the first known usage appearing shortly after an interview conducted by Axiom reporter Johnathan Swan.


Derived from the Japanese noun “Hikikomori”, which means a person who has completely withdrawn from society to live as a recluse, the English derivative “Sikikomori” is a person who’s withdrawn from their current environment, family, and friends during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Sikikomori” Definition

Pronunciation: Pronounced “sicˌkēkəˈmôri/”, “Sikikomori is a noun that first appeared in December of 2020, as New York City announced that New Yorkers should prepare for a second shutdown.

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